B&B Le Repubbliche Marinare

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Address: San Polo 1623 - Venice
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The B&B Le Repubbliche Marinare is located in an old flat which was restored by a well-known Venetian architect of the Sixties, whose style has been perfectly kept even if the flat has recently been redecorated. The entrance is through a detached door and a flight of marble steps. From the large salon you get to the kitchen and the dining room, and to the parlour and the pretty terrace overlooking the market where, in spring and summer, you can enjoy your breakfast.

The large rooms, furnished in a modern, basic and comfortable style, are all overlooking the quiet Calle dei Boteri which leads to the Grand Canal just opposite Ca’ D’Oro.

Here, in the very heart of the ancient city, in the original centre of its economic and mercantile transactions, of its Fonteghi and its ancient palaces, you can witness every morning the lively and fretful activities around the fish market and the stalls where you can buy the fruit and vegetables coming from the still agricultural islands around the lagoon.

Surrounded by little shops selling local products, by arts and craft workshops, and old bacari and little restaurants, you will enjoy the special experience of feeling a bit of a Venetian for a short time.

And it will take you a short time to reach, by boat or simply walking, all the main celebrated attractions of the city.

BB Repubbliche Marinare BB Repubbliche Marinare BB Repubbliche Marinare BB Repubbliche Marinare
BB Repubbliche Marinare BB Repubbliche Marinare BB Repubbliche Marinare

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