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Monuments of Ancient Rome
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The Ancient Rome Tour will allow you to discover the grandeur of the Roman Empire. The guided bus tour departs from Piazza San Bernardo towards Piazza della Repubblica and Via Nazionale until it reaches Piazza Venezia where the majestic Monument to Victor Emmanuel II (or ‘Altar of the Fatherland’) and the Grave of the Unknown Soldier can be appreciated.

Having already driven across a significant part of the city, at this point the tour with continue with a visit to Piazza del Campidoglio, the seat of the Palazzo Comunale (Rome’s City Hall), built by the architectural genius Michelangelo. From here, you can enjoy the view and witness the decadent majesty of the Imperial Forums and the Palatine Hill until the tour reaches the Colosseum.

You will then descend along the ancient Roman road crossing the ruins of the Roman Forum to the Temple of Vesta, the Arch of Titus and the Arch of Constantine. The Ancient Rome Tour continues towards the vast Circus Maximus, the Pyramid of Cestius and concludes with the wonderful Basilica of St Paul’s outside the city walls.

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Price per person: 55 Euro - Children 2/8 years: 45 Euro

Departure dates: Every day of the year

Departure Time and Meeting points
from the Hotels --- Check the Hotels Pick up List
from the Agency --- at 15:00 from March to October
from the Agency --- at 14:30 from November to February
(see meeting point map)

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